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Construction Supervision

Construction supervision is a very important aspect of the job, and we recommend employing a supervisor from our company.

Our supervisor takes part in the project from the beginning, and takes care of the planning and of the implementation of the project, matching it to all of the elements and details in the building which Lev Architecture is characterized with.

The supervisor’s job splits to two phases:

Before beginning the building:

In this phase, the supervisor fully participates in planning the systems. He gives guidance and solutions about the integration of the systems, according to the planning of the house and to the technical requirements of the systems.

Before he starts working, the supervisor creates a budget and a list of incomes and expenses, and a total budget for the house building. He does that by ordering a quantities list from all of the advisers of the project and passing all of the quantity lists to the different contractors. The goal is to get homogeneous price offers – which helps in choosing the best offer for the project professionally.

The supervisor also helps in setting the contracts with the contractors. These contracts are valid in professional and legal aspects.

While building

The supervision job will be required on a daily basis.

To settle the payment to the contractors, in the end of every month the supervisor takes care of passing a report including the expected payments of the next month.

All of the payments to the contractors must be confirmed by the supervisor, in order to make sure that the work has been fully completed according to the building plans and the recommendations of the advisors.

As part of the supervising plan, the supervisor will be in charge of the coordination between all of the employees, the consultants and the suppliers, and meetings will be conducted with the planner regarding the progress of the project.

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