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Construction supervision

A very important component of the construction process is supervision and close management of the project.
Therefore, the Lev Architecture Office has an additional service, which is construction management and supervision services for projects at the highest standards and standards.
The work of the supervision is carried out by Lior Evron and begins at the planning stage and is divided into two main stages -

Before the start of construction -
At this stage, the Supervisor takes a full part in planning the systems and knows how to provide guidance and solutions for integrating the systems in accordance with the home planning and the technical requirements of the systems.

Before starting work in the area of ​​the supervisor, he works on the flow of expenses. He creates a list of costs and a total budget for building the house by ordering quantity letters from all the consultants in the project and transferring all the quantities to the various contractors in order to receive uniform price quotes. Most for the project professionally and budget.

And when choosing the various contractors the supervisor helps close the contracts in front of them, contracts valid in all respects professional and legal.

During construction
The work of the supervisor during construction in the area will be carried out on a daily basis six days a week.
In order to arrange the issue of payment to contractors, at the end of each month, the supervisor makes sure to submit a report reflecting all the expenses expected for the next month.
All payments to contractors will be approved by the Supervisor, in order to ensure that the consideration is fully completed in accordance with the building plans, specifications and recommendations of the consultants.
As part of the supervision work, all the professionals, consultants and suppliers will coordinate and regular meetings will be held with the planner regarding the progress of the project.