Private house architecture in rural style, Tuscany style or Provence.

Dreaming of a house in rural style? Or maybe on a Provence style house? Maybe Tuscany? We are glad to invite you to take a look at our projects. The houses below were designed carefully and were personally matched to the customer and to the existing technical specifications. We in Lev Architecture are offering you personal support, from the first step and through the whole building process. Like it?  Want to hear some more? Click here to contact us

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Choosing an architectural design that will match your family

Architectural design has to be done very gently, since it is extremely important for us to highlight the values of the family that will live in it. The architectural design has to be special, and most of all, it has to have a nice atmosphere. The atmosphere could be fancy or relaxing, and it is important for us to match the architectural language to the style of the family.

Since we believe in household comfort and in values, “Lev Architecture” focuses at rural architecture. From this architecture style derive two design styles: Provence architecture and Tuscany architecture.

Modern Rural design

This style is characterized with large spaces. Its origin is based on private houses which were built in the European villages, surrounded by farms and pastures. Therefore, a house in this style will be built on a wide area with a single floor.

In the past, these houses were built from natural materials, which were cheap and available at that period of time, such as rocks. The roofs are also very plain and common in this type of design.

Today, we are trying to combine the values of this style in our work as much as we can. We believe that a part of architectural design is using natural materials, such as wood, rock and roofs made of tiles.

A Provence style house

A design in Provence style induces a feeling of the Provence region, which shares its borders with Italy. This explains the imagination to the Tuscany style. Many people believe it is the most beautiful area in France.

Deriving from the village architecture, Provence style is characterized with symmetrical design. The windows are placed one above the other, and the house is ordered symmetrically. Generally, the shapes of the house are characterized with straight, clean lines.

The colorfulness of the house matches itself to the shape of it, and it is characterized with clear colors, with a combination of cold colors (green, blue and gray).

A house in a Tuscany style

Tuscany is a Region in Italy, characterized with mountainy scenery and lots of culture. The greatest artists of the renaissance era worked in Tuscany.

While the Provence style is characterized with straight lines, the Tuscany style shatters these conventions, and believes in messy design. This style is characterized in the use of windows that are not placed in a specific sequence, roofs could be planned in many different divided levels, and the shape of the house could change, being sometimes round and sometimes asymmetric on purpose.

The colors in this style are warm and the materials are coarser, such as rock and wood, and a great effort will be made to keep their texture and their natural color.

What does your family represent? We will be happy to help you plan the house that will represent perfectly who you are.

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