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Our office, Lev Architecture, goes through a journey with its customers: from planning the house to checking the plot and designing. This journey creates a personal, deep connection between us and the customer. Some of our customers have decided to share their journey with us:

Hagit and Itay Even Hen

We really wanted to thank you for your planning, for directing us, for listening, for your attention even to small details, for your professionality and for your hardworking all the way long.

You helped us in planning and in building a house that matches our needs and our dream perfectly, and lead us to the final result.

It was a great pleasure to work with you, you were always available for every question or request we had, and we succeeded to find an agreeable settlement even in cases of disagreements, which matched the required style and plan.

So, again, we would like to thank you for everything you’ve done for us, and especially for the fact that we felt we could trust you through the whole way.


Irit and Sharon Narkis

We met you ten years ago, as you offered to plan the house we were going to build.

Although we had some doubts at first, we realized that this is the house we are going to build immediately after we saw your first plans.

You lead us through the whole process, and made it much easier for us.

In some point, we have become friends.

After that, we continued to the second house we built together. We enjoyed every step of the planning. We have cooperated very well, and you always helped me in anything and in anytime.

It was a great process of creation and of cooperation.

I truly believe that you are a bright architect, who knows exactly how to make her customers’ dreams come true.

Patient and professional.

I wish you good luck and much success in the future.


Inbal and Yossi Matetyahu

We reached Lev Architecture by chance. We have been looking for an architect for a long time. We searched in many different ways, including the internet and recommendations. Most of all, we wandered looking for the house that will catch our attention.

In one of our trips in the area we live in, Hod HaSharon, we accidentally reached a house we fell in love with instantly. We looked for the person in charge of the house, and were very glad to bump into the golden sign, in which was written what we were looking for – that the house was built by Lev Architecture.

Beyond the creative and professional planning, the endless effort in questions and requests, you were our partner all through the whole one in a lifetime journey.

Now, as we are about to end the skeleton of the building, we fully trust you to lead us through this exciting journey, until the golden sign will be placed on the door of our house too.

We made a good choice for sure.

Family Karni

The work with you has been a pleasure. You have succeeded to understand our intentions very precisely, and planned us a house exactly like we wanted. It’s pretty and functional, and matches our family. You are were attentive, and always knew what to do. You’re awesome… Love you!

Ira Friedman

I would like to strongly recommend the architect Liran Ben Ivgy and her office.

Liran was next to us in all the steps of building the house, from planning and confirming he plans with the municipally. Liran is extremely professional and available. Her taste and her style are relevant to nowadays. She has innovative solutions and much experience, she stands in timelines, and most important of all – her amazing personality.

Liran was very attentive to our needs, and we are very happy of the result.

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